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Sinotruk New Zealand Limited

Welcome to the website of Sinotruk NZ. Lignator Distributors Ltd imports and distributes Sinotruk™ products to dealers around New Zealand, and hold spare parts to support our customers and dealers over the whole of a truck’s life. The name Sinotruk™ is a brand name used by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Company (“CNHTC”). CNHTC was founded in 1935 and has been producing heavy trucks since 1956. CNHTC now produces approximately 400 trucks per day.

Sinotruk™ has a history of partnering with leading truck manufacturers from Europe. They currently have a joint venture relationship with MAN. The result of this joint venture is:

  • Use of high quality components
  • Factories with cutting edge technology and quality controls
  • Products with Euro4 and Euro5 emissions standards

In 2013 Sinotruk began development of RHD trucks for the New Zealand market, in conjunction with Sinotruk NZ. We worked extensively with CNHTC over 2014 to bring a truck to the New Zealand market that would meet the specific standards of New Zealand truck drivers.

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